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Back in January 2017 I released my Azure Functions Fundamentals Pluralsight Course. But of course a lot has happened in the world of Azure Functions in the last two years, and so I'm pleased to announce that I have just released a completely updated version of my course that covers Azure Functions v2.

It is a complete re-record of the entire course, and is now just over three and a half hours long. Some of the new things that I've been able to include this time round are:

I've also put the demo code from the course up on GitHub, allowing me to keep it updated to reflect the latest changes to Azure Functions.

Azure Functions remains one my favourite Azure services. It's great to see just how far it's come in the past two years, and the amazing team behind Azure Functions is continuing to improve it with all kinds of new capabilities, so I'm sure that it won't be too long before another round of updates to my course are required.

Anyway I hope you enjoy the updated course!


Comment by Colin Rippey

Fantastic, loved your original course and will definitely be checking the updates.

Colin Rippey
Comment by Mark Heath

thanks for the kind words Colin, glad you enjoyed it and hope the update is helpful

Mark Heath