I’ve used Windows Live Writer for blogging for years, and for code snippets, the superb PreCode plugin does exactly what I need. But occasionally I just want to wrap a single word in <code> tags, and it’s annoyingly fiddly to do. There used to be a bunch of WLW plugins that could do this, but all the links I followed led to dead ends. So I’ve created my own very simple plugin, and made the code available on GitHub.

To use it, build the DLL (or download one I made earlier), and copy it into your WLW plugins folder. I’ve included a simple batch file in the project (deploy.cmd) to show where the file should go.

copy SoundCode.CodeTag\bin\Debug\SoundCode.CodeTag.dll "%ProgramFiles(x86)%\Windows Live\Writer\Plugins"

Then start up WLW, and select the Insert tab on the ribbon and you’ll see a Wrap in <code> option in the Plugins box. Simply select some text and click the button.


Hope someone finds this useful. And feel free to issue pull requests to improve on this.