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Here’s a little snippet of NAudio code showing how you can convert a 16 bit PCM mono WAV file to GSM. But this time I thought I’d use F#, to show that it is quite simple to use NAudio from F#. In fact, the F# use keyword really shines here, as it reduces the level of indentation that you’d have with C#.

Here’s the sample. C# developers should have no problem using this. Basically the signal chain is a WaveFileReader –> WaveFormatConversionStream –> WaveFileWriter, which is the typical pattern you would use for all sorts of format conversions in NAudio.

let convertToGsm (input:string) output =
    use reader = new WaveFileReader(input)
    let targetFormat = new Gsm610WaveFormat()
    use converter = new WaveFormatConversionStream(targetFormat, reader)
    WaveFileWriter.CreateWaveFile(output, converter)

convertToGsm "pcm.wav" "gsm.wav"
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