I've updated MIDI File Mapper to a new version, which is mainly a bug-fix release. I'm building it now with Visual Studio 2008 beta 2, which is looking much more like a finished product than beta 1. I'm still building against .NET 2.0 of course. The multi-targetting feature in VS2008 is superb.

I'm also trying to add unit tests whenever I do a bugfix. MIDI File Mapper is one of those rare projects that lends itself really well to unit testing. I still can't bring myself to go the whole TDD approach though. Mads Kristensen has some good thoughts about when to unit test which I think gets the balance about right.


Comment by Anonymous

I can't find your email address anywhere. Back in July you blogged about gel buttons - XAML Gel Buttons in WPF & Silverlight. I was wondering if you could also do an adaptation to render gel buttons in the W3C's XML-based User-Interface Language: XUL (also known as Mozilla XUL and is different than, for instance, the Luxor Xul Toolkit). My email is [email protected]

Comment by Packo Coronado

Hi Mark.
I downloaded the new version of the midi mapper and I can't run it. Sorry I'm new on this thing, but the previous version of the midi mapper worked very good in my pc

Packo Coronado
Comment by Mark Heath

you're gonna have to give me a few more clues. What version of Midi File Mapper did you download? What operating system do you have? What error message did you see?

Mark Heath
Comment by Circe Es Circe

Hi Mark..I dont know how to contact with you !
Its about a tiny bug encounter i the best app never created before. It your midi file splitter.
I need to split around a million midi files.
But due that tiny bug cant continue.
Please email me about features.
circex@ telefonica.net
Greetings from Spain !

Circe Es Circe