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NAudio 1.5 was the first release of NAudio I managed to get up onto NuGet. Although the vast majority of NAudio users still continue to get their downloads from CodePlex, I’m hoping that NuGet will become the preferred means of adding it to a project, as it makes adding a reference very simple and allows easy upgrades to new versions.

Recently, NuGet added a feature that allows you to upload preview releases, by using semantic versioning such as NAudio 1.5.1-beta. Packages versioned like this won’t appear by default, but can be installed using the NuGet package manager console window using the –Pre switch on the Install-Package command.

Install-Package NAudio -Pre

The benefit of this is that it gives me a very quick and simple way of uploading preview versions of NAudio. This is useful for me, as I use NAudio in a lot of small projects, and often I want to use the features I have just added. The ability to push pre-release versions to NuGet is a big time-saver, and much quicker than creating a full release on CodePlex. So if you are looking for the latest build of NAudio, head over to NuGet. The NAudio feed page will show the latest version available (scroll to bottom for the full list).

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