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I announced last week that NAudio is moving to GitHub. That transition has taken place and the latest development will be done there(although it will take a while to sort out the documentation). But the other big news in the world of NAudio this week is that now we finally have a logo!


I've wanted to come up with a logo for NAudio for years, and always resisted the idea of getting someone in to make one for fear of it not looking quite right. But after spending some time looking at the logos on the fiverr website, I figured: what have I got to lose? For around $50, I can get a designer to come up with a logo concept, do a few revisions to get it right, and get the full vector graphics delivered. And if I really don't like the end result, I don't have to use it.

So I decided to spend some of the fund of NAudio donations on getting a logo commissioned. I picked a designer on fiverr whose minimalistic style appealed to me and took the plunge.

The designer came up with the idea of incorporating braces (curly brackets) and a soundwave. Now I know the braces idea is a bit cliché for software logos, but I liked this idea anyway. Unfortunately, I was quite fussy about exactly what a soundwave ought to look like. So an alternative sound related icon was agreed on (a peak meter), and with the red highlights I'm actually pretty pleased with the end result. Hopefully it gives NAudio a bit more of a professional look and feel.


I'm only using the logo in a few places at the moment, but the plan is to slowly brand all the NAudio documentation and demo apps with it over time.

I should end with a thanks to all who have donated to NAudio. It was your generosity that prompted me to finally go ahead with this idea.

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