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I’m pleased to announce that my latest Pluralsight course, Creating Modern WPF Applications with MahApps.Metro has been released. MahApps.Metro is one of my favourite open source projects, and if you’re a WPF developer you should definitely check it out. What it offers is a ridiculously quick and easy way to update a plain old WPF application and give it a “modern” metro look and feel. And of course, being open source, it’s completely free.

Not only does it provide updated styles for the vast majority of standard WPF controls, but it ships with a variety of useful additional controls, as well as giving you the choice of several light and dark colour schemes, and access to a great library of useful icons.


I’ve used MahApps.Metro myself on a number of projects, and can’t speak too highly of it. I hope my new course will be of use to the community and help people get up to speed with it quickly. Basically, in the course I take a plain looking WPF application and update it to use the various features of MahApps.Metro. I also show how you can add charts from the Modern UI Charts open source project.

So do head over to Pluralsight and check it out if you’re interested in how to give your WPF applications a fresh lick of paint. If you’re not a subscriber yet, then why not take advantage of their 10 day free trial? There is an amazing library of fantastic content there and I think it’s the best way of quickly getting up to speed on any new technology.

Finally, let me give a big shoutout to Jan Karger and the rest of the MahApps.Metro team, who have just announced version 1.1.2. Thanks for your tireless work creating and maintaining this library.

Want to learn more about MahApps.Metro? Be sure to check out my Pluralsight course Creating Modern WPF Applications with MahApps.Metro.