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I'm really excited to announce the launch of my latest Pluralsight course - Microsoft Azure Developer: Create Serverless Functions. As you may know, I'm a big fan of Azure Functions, and have created several Pluralsight courses that show off various features, so I'm pleased to be able to

This course is designed to show you how you can get up and running really quickly with Azure Functions to build serverless applications. I show how functions can be created in the Portal, with Visual Studio 2017, and with cross platform, open-source tools like Visual Studio Code and the Azure Functions Core Tools.

In the course, I build a simple REST API, and then extend it with a few additional triggers and bindings to give a flavour of the wide variety of integrations that are available. I use Table Storage bindings as they're simple to get started with, and extremely cheap, but if you're interested in how to do the same thing with Cosmos DB bindings, I've created another sample app here.

I use Azure Functions V2 in this course, which still unfortunately isn't quite out of beta yet, but it is very much the future of Azure Functions development. My demo code is available on GitHub, and I'll make sure to update that with any changes required.

Note: There has actually very recently been a breaking change to Azure Functions V2 runtime. The fix is quite straightforward - you just need to add a reference to the Microsoft.Azure.WebJobs.Extensions.Storage NuGet package. Microsoft are still in the process of rolling out the new tooling associated with the new version of the V2 runtime, but once that's completed I'll update the sample app.

A few additional topics that I was able to cover that aren't in my Azure Functions Fundamentals course are proxies, and running Function Apps in Docker containers.

Anyway, if you're a Pluralsight subscriber and interested in learning how easy it is to create serverless functions in Azure then do check it out, and if not, why not sign up for a free trial?