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I am pleased to announce a new Pluralsight course I recently released, entitled "Microsoft Azure Developer: Implement Azure Functions". You may know I already have created several other Pluralsight courses on Azure Functions including Azure Functions Fundamentals and Azure Durable Functions Fundamentals, but this one is shorter, and is explicitly focused on helping you prepare for the AZ-204: Developing Solutions for Microsoft Azure exam.

In particular, this course is designed to give you a very quick overview of the essentials you need to know about Azure Functions in order to prepare you for the AZ-204 exam.

In about 40 minutes I cover a lot of ground:

  • Creating Azure Function Apps in the portal
  • Using HTTP, timer and blob triggers
  • Using Storage Queue and Cosmos DB bindings
  • Creating C# and JavaScript functions
  • Developing and testing functions in the portal, VS Code and Visual Studio
  • Creating serverless workflows with Durable Functions

And this course is part of a series of courses currently being released that together will give you the broad background knowledge you need in order to pass the AZ-204 exam. It would also be useful to anyone wanting to get a very quick introduction to the capabilities of Azure Functions, before perhaps diving into more detail with one of my other courses.

I recently passed the AZ-204 exam myself, which was a very interesting experience as it was my first ever Azure certification. Despite considering myself an expert in most topics covered by the exam, there certainly were some tricky questions, so it's definitely worth being well prepared. There is a strict NDA around the content of the exam, so I can't tell you anything about what questions to expect, but I would say that the more experience you have actually developing applications in Azure that use the technologies that are covered, the better. Watching a few Pluralsight courses and then building out a few demo apps would be an excellent way to prepare.